Very fast approval tricks for adsense

Getting fast approval for Google AdSense involves ensuring that your website or content meets AdSense’s policies and guidelines. AdSense is quite strict to maintain the quality of its network, so it’s essential to follow these steps:

1. Create Quality Content:
– Ensure your website has original, high-quality, and valuable content.
– Avoid plagiarized or copied content.

2. Have a Professional Design:
– Ensure that your website has a clean and professional design.
– A well-organized layout with easy navigation is crucial.

3. Create Important Pages:
– Include essential pages like About Us, Contact Us, and a Privacy Policy page.
– Your Privacy Policy should clearly state how you handle user data.

4. Check for Sufficient Content:
– AdSense typically requires a decent amount of content before approving your application. Aim for at least 20-30 pages of substantial content.
– Make sure your content is not thin or low-quality.

5. Remove Copyrighted Material:
– Ensure that your content doesn’t include any copyrighted material without proper authorization.

6. Use a Custom Domain:
– It’s recommended to use a custom domain (e.g., instead of a subdomain.

7. Verify Your Age:
– You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for AdSense. Make sure your age information is accurate.

8. No Prohibited Content:
– AdSense has strict policies regarding prohibited content. Make sure your website doesn’t contain content related to illegal drugs, violence, adult content, or anything against AdSense policies.

9. Optimize for Mobile:
– Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as an increasing number of users access the internet through mobile devices.

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10. Improve Page Loading Speed:
– A fast-loading website is essential. Optimize images, use a reliable hosting service, and implement caching if needed.

11. Build Some Traffic:
– While not an official requirement, having some traffic can positively impact your application.

12. Connect with Google Analytics:
– Link your website to Google Analytics. It helps Google understand your traffic and audience better.

13. Wait for Domain Age:
– While not a strict rule, having a domain that has been active for a few months might improve your chances.

14. Check for AdSense Policy Compliance:
– Review AdSense program policies and ensure your website complies with them.

15. Apply for AdSense:
– Once you have taken care of all the above steps, apply for AdSense through their official website.

Remember that the approval process may take some time, and Google will review your application thoroughly. If your application is rejected, carefully review the reasons provided and make necessary adjustments before reapplying. Patience and adherence to guidelines are key to getting approved for AdSense.

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